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Erin Laurito

With a background in real estate law, Erin Laurito is not your average real estate salesperson. Growing up with a father who was a real estate attorney, Erin followed in his footsteps, got a law degree, and eventually bought her father’s firm when he retired. As the industry started to change, Erin reevaluated her future career path. After selling the law practice in 2019, Erin saw an opportunity for career growth in real estate sales. Born and raised in Centerville, where she now runs her business, she has an extensive knowledge and personal connection to the local area. Erin is a warm-hearted and optimistic agent that loves helping clients through monumental changes in their lives. During her time as an agent, she has helped many clients through their highest and lowest points.

While Erin is extremely dedicated to her career and clients, she always carves out time to spend with her two daughters and husband. With a passion for adventure, she loves spending her free time seeing new places and trying new food. Her adventurous heart and personable nature have helped her excel within her real estate career. Erin has a bright future with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty, and we are so excited to have her join our brokerage!

Q/A with Erin

What made you decide to sell real estate?

“I started my career at the University of Dayton School of Law and joined my dad’s law practice, where I practiced real estate law for 18 years. The industry began changing in a way that made me question my future, so I sold the practice to a law firm that wanted to expand into Ohio. After I helped with that transition, a former employee of mine put the bug in my ear about going into real estate sales because of my background and personality. As I was contemplating that decision, I got together with an old childhood friend who was working as a marketing rep for a successful sales agent in Cincinnati. Within two days, I met with her and decided to take the leap. So, I got my real estate license.”

How do you feel your legal background has helped your business?

“It provided an excellent foundation for what I am doing now. I think it also provides my clients with an added benefit and feeling of security.”

Why Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty?

“I was born and raised in Centerville, Ohio, and I live there currently. When I first started in real estate, I joined a Cincinnati based brokerage. While it was a wonderful experience, I started feeling as if I could better serve my clients at a brokerage located in this area. The level of service and professionalism offered by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is second to none, and with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty, I am able to effectively service both markets.”

What sets you apart from other agents?

“I think my life experience and legal background has provided me with a knowledge base that sets me apart from other agents.”

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

“I try to chunk my day into work and personal time. I get up at the crack of dawn, so I can take some personal time for myself before my kids get up or catch up on some work. I work throughout the day when they are at school, but then make time for dinner and family time on nights where I’m not showing houses or listing appointments in the evening. I also take advantage of the tools that are at agents’ disposal. So, I have hired agents to show houses for me if my daughters have a swim meet or school event. I try very hard to not let work consume me, so I can still be there for my family and friends. I try for progress, not perfection.”

Do you have any advice for new agents in the industry?

“Take advantage of every tool at your disposal to get leads. Put your ego on the shelf, and don’t think you’re above any listing or tool that can grow your experience or your business. Being a generally good person and working hard will take you a long way. When clients feel like you have their back and can trust you, it makes a huge difference. You have to want what is best for your clients.

Do you have a memorable moment you have shared with a client?

“The most special of moments for me have been through helping someone through a monumental life change. I had a first-time home buyer in her 60s who cried because she could not believe she bought a house. I’ve helped people downsize from homes they could barely be torn away from, two of which were sadly widows. I’ve also had very happy stories where they are making a change for the better. Well, they are all making a change for the better. They just don’t always realize it at the time.”

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

“Because it is almost that time, I would love to learn how to complete a Thanksgiving meal on time! I love to cook, so I always get super excited to do it, but can’t finish it all at one time.”

Fav restaurant in the Centerville area?

“I always have a difficult time picking favorites of anything because it is usually a long list! My favorite steakhouse would be The Paragon, my favorite Italian restaurant would be Roost, and my favorites from my childhood memories come from Bill’s Donuts and The Hamburger Wagon.”

3 words to describe yourself?

“I would say I am optimistic, loving, and extroverted.”

Favorite way to spend your weekend?

“I love swimming in the pool with my kids, having a barbeque, and traveling. I love seeing a new city or trying a new restaurant. I love doing something new.”

Ideal vacation spot?

“I would say a place with a perfect mix of relaxation and activities.”

What is something you cannot go a day without?

“Telling my family, I love them…and maybe a glass of wine!”

What is your greatest accomplishment?

“My kids are definitely my greatest accomplishment.”

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