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2019 Year In Review

With every year comes highs and lows, successes and failures, lessons learned the hard way and celebration of all that has been accomplished. We at BHHS Professional Realty experienced much of these same life tests as the year progressed. Looking back on 2018, we have much to be proud of as a brokerage. It’s only right that we reflect on both our shortcomings and our accomplishments- none of which could have been possible without each and every brokerage affiliate. But instead, we’ll spare you with only the biggest highlights of our accomplishments in 2018.

Our brokerage had a milestone year reaching $1 Billion in sales on November 30. Business continued to grow year over year with a 14 percent increase of our current agent’s business. This increase was achieved in a slowing market, which is a testament to the expertise of our professionals conducting business for the brokerage.

Several achievements, new ventures and partnerships contributed to the enormous success we saw in 2018. Let’s take a closer look.


We’re growing: new agents & offices

BHHS Professional Realty is home to 600 agents across 30 offices in Ohio and Kentucky. We opened a new office in Roaming Shores and the finishing touches are being put on an office space in Gordon Square. Not the mention, our Sidney, Ohio, office moved to a permanent location situated right in the Gateway to the city. As new locations continue to promote opportunity for growth in Ohio, we are focusing our efforts on expanding in the Northern Kentucky market as well.

Ground Breaking Transactions

Several large transactions contributed to reaching our One Billion dollar milestone in 2018. We sold a $9.6 Million commercial campus to Sinclair College working on both sides of the transaction. In Northern Kentucky, a portfolio of properties went for $5 Million. Not to mention, we sold the highest priced home in West Chester, Ohio, for $1.2 Million with an agent on both sides of the transaction. It was a year of million dollar sales to top off our billion dollar year at BHHS Professional Realty.

Technology & Partnerships

Companies are forced to adapt to the rise of innovative technology that changes the way we operate. Our brokerage continues to remain ahead of the conversation when it comes to the “next big thing” in technology. This year, it was all about Alexa. We rolled out 6 new Alexa skills for homebuyers seeking local and statewide expertise. Another partnership on the horizon involves the new industry revolutionizing Blockchain technology. We have also partnered with a new builder to support the growing construction segment. Working alongside our partners to offer innovative technology has provided our agents and their clients with top of the line resources to assist in the buying and selling experience.


To all brokerage affiliates: your continued support of our brokerage over the past year was tremendous and greatly appreciated. There is much to be thankful for and we hope you take time to relish in these successes in which you directly contributed. We could not have achieved the same level of success without you all.

We are overjoyed with the outcome of 2018, but even more excited to see what the new year has in store. Happy 2019!

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