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Tired of seeing the same wallpaper and paint that has been on the walls since you moved in? Recently renovate and don’t think the new is you? There is no better time than the present to change the feel of your home. Remember: you’re the one that has to love the space you live in everyday. It can be overwhelming but here are some themes that are trending right now to inspire your fresh start.

modern boho

When people think boho, they think floral prints and retro vibes, but that is totally not the case. Start off with buying a fun, shagy, rug and watch the whole room come together. Plants are a must, and don’t worry, fake ones will do the trick. Besides, who has time to water plants anyways! When you think boho, think golds, oranges, and browns and let your imagination do the rest.


Go that extra mile and really elevate your plaid prints because farmhouse is in right now! Even try a fun animal art piece on the walls. Be on the hunt for a wooden dining table with matching chairs, and a unique light fixture. You can buy new or check out your local antique stores for some refurbished pieces. Keep in mind, you can’t go wrong with black and white accents for your modern farmhouse feel.


Want to start small when redecorating? Minimalism might be exactly what you are looking for! Invest in some staple pieces like a nice, white sectional and a cool, trendy lamp. Stick to the basics when it comes to colors and patterns. Minimalism is a great way to highlight the features of your property and not draw attention away from them. Aim for whites, greys, blues, anything classic.


Art! Art! Art! If you have a unique piece you got from a local gallery or a work of your own, go contemporary with your design style. The more extravagant the piece, the better. Find works you love and fit the rest of the room to match that. You want your guests to walk into the space and be in ‘awe’.


You’re probably thinking rustic and farmhouse are two different styles? Yes, they sure are! Like farmhouse, wooden accents are key, but it is the supporting colors that make the theme really stand out. Reds, greens, browns, oh my! With a rustic theme, there are many at-home DIYs. Use some reclaimed wooden beams and take your ceiling to the next level.


Traditional doesn’t mean average. It means putting a spin on the classics. Color palette includes pastels, again all about simplicity. Peach, mint green, lavender, etc, keep things light. With this theme, it’s all about the main spaces like the kitchen and the master bedroom. In the kitchen use essentials as decor like utensils and your dishes. It’s about the simple things.

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