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Choosing The Right Agent

Finding the right home is impossible without the right agent to help you find it. There is a multitude of reasons you should work with a real estate agent rather than try to take on the stress of house hunting or listing on your own. Agents have access to homes before they hit the market & they are friendly with other local agents who might have just what you’re looking for. But, where do you even begin?


Let’s start here!

Search tools make searching simple & with new technology, it’s become even easier. Have a laptop at your home (or maybe even a desktop)? Search for local agents & find one of our 600 agents who can help you. Have a voice assistant in your kitchen? Talk to your voice assistant & say: “Alexa, open BHHS Pro Realty”. Have a social media account? Check out the #BHHSPro hashtag to find agents near you who are marketing homes using new & innovative strategies.

The search possibilities are endless but now you know where to start! Search for our agents on Social Survey to hear what past clients have to say.

Set Up a Call

If there’s one skill all real estate agents obtain, it’s talking on the phone. Anyone who wants your business & who is passionate about the business should be eager to set up a phone call. Click into any agent on our site to find their contact information & choose the contact method of your preference. Just know, a real estate agent will always take your phone calls.

It’s important you know what to ask prior to contacting an agent of your interest. You’re essentially interviewing agents to hire them to sell one of life’s biggest investment & find a new one in a timely manner. While you should choose to talk to more than one agent to get a feel for their personality, keep your questions consistent so you can really make comparable conclusions about who is best for you & your needs.

Question Suggestions:

How long have you lived or sold in the area?

How many clients do you represent at a time?

How deep is your network of contractor relationships?

What haven’t I asked that you think you should know?

Make That Decision

It’s time to make a decision! Sit down with agents in person to make a quality decision with your significant other, family or other loved one who has your best interest. Be wary of sitting down with too many agents to chat. An agent will always be willing to spend time & energy on helping you with this decision process, but they don’t want to feel used if you already know you’re going to list with another agent. Talking through marketing strategies is one thing, but having them run around town with you looking at home before you’ve committed to working with them is another. This especially wastes their time so be sure to choose two agents at most who you sit down with to discuss any details outstanding. Once you know you’ve found the one, make that call & let’s get your home on the market!

For any outstanding inquiries regarding finding the right agent for you, contact us on social or via our website!

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