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Pets can bring so much joy into our homes, but being a pet owner and a homeowner has its struggles at times when it comes to pet hair, eliminating odor, or a mess. Try these hacks next time you your pet leaves their mark on your home.

Getting sick of dog hair everywhere? Use rubber gloves! Run the rubber over your furniture to pick up any loose hair. If you don’t have rubber gloves, you can also use dryer sheets. Rubbing a dryer sheet over where you have dog hair will pick it up like magic—almost like it was never there.

If your dog has left any scratches on your wooden furniture, a simple way to cover it up can be by rubbing a walnut over them. The natural oils will seep into the wood and practically erase any scratches left behind. Has your dog left behind drool marks too? Use a magic eraser to scrub them off!

There’s no doubt that one of the least pleasant aspects of owning a cat is dealing with the litter box. Try these few hacks to make it a little more pleasant. Try hiding the litter box in a low cabinet with the door removed or under an end table. You can also add some green tea leaves to the litter to help it smell better. Adding baking soda can also help absorb any odors.

Is your cat clawing and climbing? Having a solid scratching post can be a good way to redirect your cat, especially if they’re scratching something they aren’t supposed to. Putting up shelves or towers in your home can also give your cat a place to climb without climbing all over you. It’s a great way to keep your indoor cat active!

Having trouble keeping your home clean from the mess in your birdcage? Place an office mat underneath your birdcage to catch any stray seeds or droppings for an easy cleanup. You can also take a thin piece of plastic and close off the bottom area of the cage. Doing this can reduce how much debris ends up on the floor and your cleaning time.

Although pets can create messes in our homes, they also create the best memories as well. If you want to spoil your pet, you have the chance to win them their dream pet home! Don’t forget to enter the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Pawfect Home sweepstakes before June 6, 2022 to win your dog, cat, lizard, bird, rabbit, or even goldfish a custom-built, pint-sized replica of your home – for them! Enter for a chance to win!

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